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Ian, a renowned photographer, resides in the picturesque city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He is best known for capturing stunning photographs of Molly, a beautiful dog (who is not actually his), throughout the city. When not photographing Molly, Ian is dedicated to seeking out and photographing the remarkable architecture and vibrant inhabitants of San Miguel.

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Most of his photographs are captured during sunrise or sunset, with a preference for sunrise due to the excellent lighting and fewer crowds. Molly often accompanies Ian on his early morning photography sessions and features in many of his most acclaimed images.

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Ian, originally from England, spent the majority of his adult years as a ski enthusiast and restaurateur in Colorado, USA. Upon recognizing that he had outgrown these pursuits, he resumed his travels. Now, he dedicates much of his time to house and pet sitting internationally, which allows him to immerse himself in different locales and capture the exceptional photographic moments they offer. The animals he tends to often feature as subjects in his photography projects.

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Let him take you on a journey through the lens of his camera. Each click captures a piece of his heart, whether in the colorful streets of San Miguel de Allende or amidst the grandeur of destinations worldwide. Join him as he explores the world, one snapshot at a time.

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